Recording English Programmes

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Recording English Programmes

Hello. I want to get a Sky Q IPTV box but want to know if there are many programmes in English and whether I can record them in English?

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Betreff: Recording English Programmes

Mit einer IPTV Box kannst du keine Sendungen aufnehmen!

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Re: Recording English Programmes

Hello @JoolZMG


we offer content in English. I do not have any information on which and how many these are. If the movie/series is available in English, then this is noted with the respective content. You can then change the language directly via the Sky Q IPTV Box. You can also find information about the sound options and subtitles here:


The question about the recording was answered by @digo - thanks for that. 🙂

About your second thread: Advertising is not included. Netflix offer such a package, but then the subscription has to be done directly there.




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Betreff: Recording English Programmes

I very much prefer to watch films and series in the English original myself. 
In general almost all US and UK production have the English language option, however if it is a French film, it will be available in German and French.

in case that you are a sports fan, the Premier League is available in English, often also Tennis, Golf, Eishockey and some motorsports such as Nascar and Indycar.


Whether you are able to record or not depends on how you receive your tv signal. If you receive tv via satellite or cable you can record everything plus a lot on demand, but if you receive Sky via internet, you are unable to record and can only access the live channels plus the on demand programs.