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    Already Paid but No Account and no E-mail




      I created an account yesterday for Sky Ticket and I got to the stage where I had to do my identification. However since I don't have a German ID card I had to go through "POSTIDENT". I was unable to do this since the phone-line was closed, and today I have not received any e-mails from SKY regarding the creation of my account - however the money € 9.99 has already been deducted (booked) form my account. So I am paying for something that has not been delivered to me, and I cannot use...


      Tried calling support today and got connected with a very rude guy who did not want anything to do with me once I asked if he spoke English. Apparently no-one at the Sky support speak English (according to him) - and it wasn't a "sorry we don't speak english" it was just a sharp "nein" followed by silence. Jesus christ...  So I though perhaps this is a better channel for me to get my problem sorted - or at least some information:


      1. What do I do about my account situation?

           I have not received any e-mail (account number or similar), I only have some minor information from my bank on the payment.

      2. Am I paying for this period of "nothing"?

      2.1. If I yes; please help me cancel my account and reimburse the full amount. - How do I do this without any account info? Dispute the payment?

      2.2. If no; Back to question 1.



      Thanks in advance.