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    How to cancell my sky tv package




      I would like to know how to make the cancellation of my Sky TV.

      Around 1 year and a half ago I got the Sport package to watch the Champions league games and everything was fine.

      First year I got a really good price (something around 30 euros) and one year after I am paying 61,49 euros per month.

      The price is not good, but the main point is that due my new routine and family, I am not watching TV anymore.


      I tried to reach them via email and phone but was not working well. (email was sent in German language) and phone I was on hold for several minutes.


      Perhaps someone from this community can help me? I have no clue about how is the process to make this cancellation.


      Looking forward to read some experiences and hopefully get a solution for my situation


      Thanks a lot