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    Sky Ticket and Chromecast language selection


      I decided to give Sky Ticket a try.

      To my disappointment I realised through use and confirmed by reading  on the website that after updating to the new Sky Ticket, unfortunately, Chromecast no longer allows language selection within the movies and series.

      Is there an idea when will this feature be available?

      Is there a way around this, maybe the sky ticket tv stick?



        • Re: Sky Ticket and Chromecast language selection

          i remember at the new app release they said it will be updated to support language swap with chromecast, but this was in june? before june it worked..


          for 2 months there was problems with casting live channels on the new app, thats fixed.. but still no update for the language on chromecast.. im waiting for that very hard like much others do.


          it would be nice to get a update on this missing feature.. would be nice if a moderator would contact the app-team about this.


          i dont know how long i will stay with only german on chromecast..