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    EPG und Aufnahme Sender +1000


      Dear community,


      First of all I would like to apologize for writing in English as my German is very poor.

      As my cable provider is Vodafone, SKY recommended me to book the missing channels via HD Premium and Premium Plus packages and most of these channels are +1000. So I ended up subscribing to these packages (by monthly paying an additional 21 euros) but since the new SkyQ got released it is impossible to have the full EPG and record programs from channels that are up to 1000.

      I know that this problem is already known in the forum and again I would like to ask SKY why am I paying a service that im not receiving correctly? I am also a Vodafone Kable customer and I have the right from the contract terms to receive the full EPG and record programs from the HD Premium and Premium Plus packages.

      Is it possible to have a clear date when this problem will be fixed or if there is any plan for a change I might consider giving end to my Sky contract. I find it very inconvenient that since the release of SkyQ nothing is done to resolve this problem.


      Thank you in advance for your answer and many apologies for writing here in English.