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    TV Box Audio language???


      Moin moin community,


      So I have been a user of another network and I thought it is just not worth it anymore and it is time to try Sky.

      I registered for a Sky Ticket, Entertainment and Cinema. I was so excited.

      The only issue I am having is that I don't have an option to change the audio language (through the TV Box) for any movie!

      I have searched in the forum and understood that this is a bug?

      I already updated.

      Kindly let me know if this is gonna be solved soon or if there is anything I can do to change the audio language.

      Thank you in advance.


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          Hello Moaaz,


          I got the same issue. In fact, in the Skytv, also the Sky app on mobile phones, there is no option to output English voice. Also no subtitle for TV.


          I switched my Sky ticket TV box language to English instead of German. But whatever I tried when playing a show. whatever I tried to click on the controller, there is no English as the voice or subtitles.


          Can anyone from the Sky support help? I wrote an email last week but nobody replied me either.




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              regarding Sky TV Box: according to https://community.sky.de/message/476039#476039 (last update on this issue) it should work now. You should have now the option to switch the audio language.inaktiv1565 already confirmed it works. It seems it might be a bit tricky to find the option. There should be a new button which you see only when the progress bar is visible.


              For Android there is still no support yet to switch the audio language. Only German for on demand. Some live streams are always English via Chromecast.




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                First of all, you have to make sure, you've got the update on the TV-box (you might have to restart your device to get it)..

                If so, you only have to press * on your remote and choose the subttitle/language-icon on the right to display the language-options..

                Please notice, that this procedure only works, as long as the video is actually playing and not on hold.

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                Yes! Now it is working!
                Many thanks for all of you.

                Have a nice weekend!