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    Age verification no German ID


      Help! I tried to subscribe with my Mastercard, but now this thing is asking for a German ID, which I do not have. Also, I see that 59 € were debited from my card, while I only wanted to subscribe to the tv shows, which is 5 € per month (9,99 after 2 months) !!!!

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          Nadine S.

          Hi Mtapiero, a transfer will only take place when the Sky ticket account is active. The amount of 59 Euro is a reservation and if you no longer wish to make the ticket, then no entry takes place.

          However, if you still want to use the account, this is only possible with a postident procedure. To do this, please send me a private message with the following data:

          - customernumber:
          - form of address:
          - name:
          - surname:
          - place:
          - street:
          - house number:
          - zip code:
          - mail:
          - phone number:


          Regards, Nadine