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    What do I need to receive Sky / Premiere with a NOT certified receiver?

      Hello Everyone,


      First of all , which smart cards are available from Sky that can decrypt Sky?


      Sky has two types of encryption . The new one is NDS Videoguard (via V13V / 14 smart card) and is decrypted by all Sky / Premiere certified receivers. An update will be done via FW (if NDS is not already activated). For NDS Videoguard there are different semi-legal CAMs(Conditional access modules) such as Unicam, Maxcam, Diablo ..., for which there is no further support here. An Alphacrypt Classic with software one4all is also suitable.


      The old encryption type is Nagra encryption (via S02 / A02 smart card) . This encryption should run until 2012 (4th paragraph ) in parallel with the NDS encryption. We will see what happens after that! There are a number of CAM cards available for decryption of Nagra encryption, with MASCOM (Alphacrypt = AC) being the most common. Accordingly, an AC Light is sufficient for decrypting Premiere.


      What do I need now to see Sky / Premiere with a non-Sky certified receiver?


      Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,






      I didn't find the right solution from the internet.



      References:Was brauche ich, um Sky/Premiere mit einem NICHT zertifizierten Receiver zu empfangen?, TV-Sender, TV-Programm, Pay-TV -…



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