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    Installation of my sky pro doesn't work





      We just subcribed to sky+pro, got the instalation box with the receiver, we did the installation process but we only get 80 channels, channel 130 doesn't exist and the junge password doesn't Work. We called and after many calls of being hang out because we don't speak German someone was kind enough to talk to us. We explain the problem and he said it was the receiver. He send a new one and we installed it today but again we have the same problem. It only finds 80 channels and the jungendschutz pin doesn't work.

      what do we have to do to get all the channels we subscribed for? How can we get a working jungendschutz? I tried calling today twice, each time had to wait 15 to be hang out because we don't speak German. I know this is Germany but I don't know what to do to fix this problem! I don't want to have to unsubscrib.