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    Money Back


      hello, how do I get my not back from sky ? They have taken money from my at but I have cancelled the contract and sent the skybox back on the 05.07.2017 and sky received or on the 07.07.2017 but the still took money what do I do now




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          Didi Duster

          there are 2 possibilities

          - you contact your bank in order to give back the Sky booking without charges for you. Then your account will be reimbursed with the amount.

          - you wait here until a mod will contact you for clarification.

          Good luck!

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            Sanny G.

            Dear jlog67,

            If you've clicked the activation link, there is no right of revocation for the "Sky Ticket" service. The cancelation of the
            subscription is possible in "Mein Account".

            If only like to cancel the order of the "Sky TV Box", please send me the following data by private message.

            - your custumer number
            - the consignment number

            Regards, Sanny