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    Alter verifizieren


      Lets see who has the guts to reply in English


      Yesterday I book Sky Entertainment Ticket and I received a mail asking me to confirm my age (which is nearly double than what is required to see movies above 18 ). Unfortunately on sky website only the German Passport or reisepass could be given. For other nationalty it was asked to call the customer telephone no. 01806 140 000. After calling and waiting some minutes i could spoke to the customer service person who was not having any clue about how to proceed. He forward the call to his superior person who unfortunately also could not answer. All he told was that he have not done anything like that till now and it will take 3-4 weeks to get the age verification done....really . Are we living in 2017?

      I did not expected such behaviour from a customer based company.



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          Hello alihusaini,

          I am sorry that you received these statements on the phone. So that you can use Sky Ticket and the age verification is possible, I need some personal data from you. Please let me know this in a personal message.


          Best regards, Anett

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              Thanks for your reply.


              Actually there is trick in usage of Sky Ticket. During the account creation process if PayPal is used (which I actually used)as the mode of payment then the age verification is required. I created a new account but this time direct bank transfer and I was not asked to verify the age.

              So now I am able to use and view Sky Ticket contents.


              Thanks for your reply. I wish you a great day ahead.




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                Hi Anett,


                I am facing the same problem. I purchased the subscription today. It is asking for my age verification, I don't have German passport. Also, my payment method was direct debit from account.


                Your quick help is really appreciated.