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    1&1 and Sky cable TV


      Dear all, I would appreciate it if somebody could possibly help.

      I am a 1&1 customer with Internet via telephone. 3days ago I ordered sky entertainment packet under the impression that cable TV= broadband TV. As you realise just found out that cable TV does not mean broadband TV as elsewhere.


      I have a contract with 1&1 for 9 more months and for the option to switch from telephone to cable internet costs 110euro!!! (almost the yearly cost of Sky subscription) plus an extension of the contract.

      I tried to call Sky support but every time I call them they just hang up when I kindly request if English is possible.


      I would be grateful if someone could help.



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          Hello Nick,

          you can change your Sky subscription to 1 & 1. A moderator can give you more precise help.

          Similar case:


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              Thank you for this.. Unfortunately if you are already a customer, 1&1 asks for a huge amount of money (110euro) so it is definitely not worth it if you take into account also the hugewaiting time until this is settled .

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              Peter B.

              Good morning nikfam86,

              I'm sorry for these bad experiences you had with Sky customer service.

              Sky Germany offers "IPTV", also known as broadband TV or cable TV, only in cooperation with providers. When You've got already a suscription for IPTV with 1&1, so we can change Your Sky contract into an IPTV-Suscription.

              So if You want to get Sky on cable from your provider 1&1, You have to add these options to Your contract with them.

              It's also for You possible to get our programm over satellite or simple cable TV (without internet). When there is a connection to "normal" cable TV in Your flat, the easiest way for You is with Sky+ Receiver.

              Hope I got it. Otherwise correct me please.

              Send me please a private message with Your data (customer number, date of birth and adress). I will have a look, maybe we have an easier solution for You.

              Best regards, Peter